Ardra Wide 20 Recessed

Indoor Recessed Led Profile in natural anodised aluminum with transparent or opaline diffuser, resistant to UV rays. Dimensions: 28 mm in height and 34,2 mm in width. We propose a minimum length of 30cm and a maximum lenght of 200cm (other sizes available).
Ardra products can be provided with the latest generation of LED strips and the innovative rigid PCBs produced by Arkesys. Luminous fluxes, for all our types of products, at the highest market levels.

Technical lighting, linear and architectural (recessed within ceilings and walls) _ Overhead lighting with an higher light intensity (retail / offices / restaurants / hotels / hospitals / houses) _ Linear architectural lighting _ Interior design projects


Se ti servono più informazioni su un prodotto o hai in mente di realizzare un corpo illuminante custom o semplicemente non hai trovato l’apparecchio illuminante che soddisfi le tue esigenze contattaci.