“ Man has always striven to make the best use of whatever nature has provided him. Arkesys has embraced this concept and expresses it fully in his payoff: lightforms. 

Arkesys came into being from the vision of a group of people passionate about eco-compatible design and technology. Arkesys conceives light as a passion to share with those looking for a sustainable lighting systems that can combine design, innovation and craftsmanship.

Four values drive the company to develop different lighting solutions: efficiency, originality, simplicity and passion.


Arkesys works sustainably, optimizing the choice of materials and production processes.


Each product is based on an exclusive and carefully elaborated creative design.


Clarity, transparency and honesty are present in each productive process , as well as in personal and business relationships.


People at Arkesys are committed to their work and take care of every detail seeking on excellence at every stage of production.

These values are embedded in the DNA of the company, starting with the name. Arkesys, in fact, is a combination of the Greek word arché – the generator and conservative principle, or the basic element of each other – and the word synergy – understood as interaction with the environment, partners and customers, as well as integration Of production and organizational activities.

Tradition and modernity twin pillars of the corporate philosophy, represented on a daily basis by stylishly crafted products with a technological heart and an environmentally- conscious soul devoted to the principle of sustainability.

LED technology manifested in design

White, warm, cold and neutral light. Red, green, blue, yellow. RGB mixable in a myriad of combinations. A broad chromatic range that fascinates and engages. Design flexibility not only to respond to the demands of architects and designers, but also to satisfy the “colour imperatives” of each individual. But LED is more than this. It represents technology. Sustainability. Cost savings. Long life. Safety.

The LED, in fact, is the latest generation of lighting that is increasingly replacing incandescent and discharge light sources.

It boasts low energy consumption, with cost saving of between 40 and 70%, according on the solution adopted and the source being replaced. It is much more durable and can burn up to 50.000 hours or more than 10 years! Finally, due to its characteristically low voltage, it is particularly safe and has many diverse applications in all types of industry.

From philosophy to concreteness

From lighting technology to the desired lamp. The creativity and design expertise of Arkesys have been translated into eight families of lamps featuring the use of efficient materials and technologies and the choice of more than 70 color variants.

For those who are looking for technological lighting solutions, even customizable, will find the most suitable answers in the range and will give space to creativity.

Suspension lamps, solutions for wall and ceilings, table and floor lamps, LED bars and flush spotlights, and a line of products specially designed by internationally renowned designers. The production is completed by electronic control and light managment systems and a broad range of accesories.

Arkesys also offers its design expertise with a view to developing ad-hoc projects inspired by the intersection of a creative idea and a specific residential need.