Arkesys’s creativity and expertise have been translated into 9 product lines, as well as models specially developed for Arkesys by prestigious designers. Suspensions, wall and ceiling solutions, table and floor lamps, LED profiles and recessed lamps proposals are the product families to which is added the wide range of accessories.
In addition to basic products, Arkesys makes customized solutions that arise from the encounter between creative ideas and design expertise.

Linear Lighting

Effects of light that emphasize the geometry of space, which can be straight or curvilinear. Cuts of light that emphasize space, identify paths, introduce decorations into the environment. All this, with the use of latest generation LED sources, aimed at improving energy efficiency.

Track Spot

Real life light with real emotion: this multifunctional LED program includes a host of innovative elements designed to create creative lighting in shops, art and culture environments, hotels, and restaurants. sophisticated design, consistent miniaturization and flexibility are the attributes that characterize this extensive program.

Recessed luminaries

Recessed luminaires are the optimal solution because they produce both type of light, general and accent light, hiding the body lamp in the false ceiling and show only the effect of light.
Miniaturization, color quality, energy efficiency and high visual comfort are exclusive features.


Ceiling is the best place to position lighting fixtures and when suspended ceilings are not provided, indoor suspensions are applied, allowing you to create the best lighting technology for the space use.

Wall and surface-mounted lamps

The surface-mounted lamps are mainly installed on the ceiling and produce excellent general light with high visual comfort; On the other hand, the wall lamps with direct/indirect light, are installed on vertical walls and direct the light flow into the room or ceiling, contributing to a uniform diffused light.

Floor and table lamps

The series of floor and table lamps is divided into different lighting solutions: indirect luminaires, direct and indirect, for spot lighting systems. Indirect light-emitting lamps have optics specially designed to direct the luminous flux on the ceiling to obtain a uniform diffused light in the environment.


This section includes all the details of the binaries type electrified lighting systems in the various configurations, and their complementary accessories.

Costum products

This section includes all the products that aren’t on the catalog, but are available on request.

Resinated products

The resin process consists of incorporating the parts involved in a protective volume that can be rigid or flexible, transparent, opaque or in different colours.