PUBLIC BUILDINGS, HOSPITALS, HOTELS, OFFICES and STORES have always been subject to disinfection and sanitization interventions to ensure the safety of the environments in which you live and work on a daily basis, respecting rules and regulations.

Ultraviolet rays, especially UV-C rays (with a wavelength from 200nm to 280nm), those scientifically proven to be more effective against bacteria, due to their germicidal action, have been chosen by Arkesys to introduce and propose a new product line to sterilize the air present in the rooms thanks to the use of UV-C LEDs.

The new Arkesys AIRPURE line, thanks to the light emitted by UV-C LEDs and an innovative air intake system, directly inserted in the spot body, sanitizes and disinfects the air, thus making the rooms free from any type of bacteria , viruses, molds and fungi, without any health risk.

​The AIRPURE Ceiling model is a ceiling projector with 18W UV-C LED and Standard power supply integrated in the base, White and Black basic colors, on request, other RAL finishes, galvanic treatments.


Se ti servono più informazioni su un prodotto o hai in mente di realizzare un corpo illuminante custom o semplicemente non hai trovato l’apparecchio illuminante che soddisfi le tue esigenze contattaci.